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The Fuller Project for International Reporting is an independent media organization that reports the news that affects women around the world and in the US. Our multi-media, investigative and research-based reports focus on solutions that move us forward and are published in the world’s leading outlets, including the New York Times, the Atlantic, Public Radio International, the Guardian, TIME, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Elle, Glamour, VICE and many others. Our global team of seasoned journalists use multi-media platforms (print, video, photography, social media and public speaking) to reach millions of readers – from influencers to millennials – each week.

In all of our work, we focus on:

Ø  Training reporters: working with journalists around the world and building their expertise on women.

Ø  Amplifying actors’ work: partnering with leading think tanks and universities to ensure that research on women gets due coverage in mainstream media.

Ø  Impact: issues affecting women is our beat and we know when policy windows open and how to make our reports actionable.


Year End Letter 2016

“Amid major world events in 2016, The Fuller Project reported on the news that affects women, and on the news that women made.

Feminist activists around the world beat a steady drum, from Turkey where women march to end femicide, to Saudi Arabia where women compel political and economic openings, to Colombia where women brought factions to the table for peace. Reporting on watershed moments such as these, we raised activists’ voices, sharing stories of change with the world…

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A Fuller Project on the Morning After

“After a sleepless Tuesday night, we at The Fuller Project have been talking to women in the US, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey, Africa and beyond about what this election means for them.

Today, American women told us they are thinking about their rights under US law, unsure if those rights will be rolled back by the next administration…

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Welcome to The Fuller Project

“We are pleased to introduce the Fuller Project for International Reporting, a global, multi-media organization that produces investigative and solution-driven news about issues that affect women and about education.

It’s time: Women author only one in five op-eds in major US newspapers and make up less than 25 percent of guests…”

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