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Our Work

The Fuller Project for International Reporting is a nonprofit, independent media organization that reports the news that matters most to women around the world and in the US. Our leadership is comprised of seasoned, award-winning journalists and social entrepreneurs; our investigative, solutions-oriented reporting is published in the world’s leading outlets.

What does The Fuller Project do?

Independent, Data-Driven, Investigative Reporting

Gender stereotypes often minimize women’s agency and promote the idea of protection offered by men. Our work with seasoned journalists will produce hard-hitting, data-driven and investigative news about women. Rather than focus only on problems affecting women, our reporting seeks out potential solutions.

Amplify Women’s Voices

We work with women leaders to amplify their work and their voices, through collaborations and partnerships with top newsrooms and organizations that value women’s issues. Our work reaches millions of men and women in the United States and around the world, by placing women and their voices in OpEds at major publications, and by incorporating their expert commentary in our reporting.

Engage Our Audience and Build Awareness

The Fuller Project highlights why issues that affect women are of concern to all people. We work to build awareness in newsrooms that stories on women are of critical importance to mainstream readers.

Our Impact

Fuller Project for International Reporting is dedicated to reporting on women through multimedia platforms (video, films, photography, social media and public speaking). Through our prestigious and well-read media partners, The Fuller Project reaches millions of influencers and millennials each week.


• In Newsweek, we wrote about the dangers of an all male cabinet; soon after Trump announced more female administration picks.

• In the New York Times, we reported on women activists in Turkey fighting femicide; our feature-length film Dying to Divorce shares their story with the world.

• Amid the migrant crisis we focused the world on women; after our report in Glamour on the rise of anti-immigrant parties in Europe, Polish lawmakers rejected anti- abortion legislation.