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The Feminine Appeal of Macho Populism

A woman walking in a neighborhood

‘We know it’s the work of quack doctors’: Pandemic fans the flames of backstreet abortions in Kenya

A view of a woman carrying scrap metal on her head

Targeted for abuse: With borders closed, women fleeing Venezuela face additional threats

A man and woman stand in a crowd with their arms raised

‘Whatever It Takes’: How Black Women Fought to Mobilize America’s Voters

Photo of a woman leaning against a red barn

The Loneliness of the Black Female Republican

Despite a record number of Republican women on ballots this year, every single Black woman is a long shot in the GOP field for Congress—why?

They Survived Intimate Partner Violence—Now They Can’t Vote Safely

Combined with the barriers to voting that Native Americans already encounter, those who are domestic violence survivors face unique obstacles to casting ballots.
Illustration of a woman performing a breast exam

COVID-19 has stopped everything except cancer — the cells are still growing

Globally, millions of women have missed breast cancer screening appointments because of paused services during the height of the pandemic in March and April. This means thousands of cancer cases could lie undetected.

Women Were Key to Eradicating Wild Polio in Africa. But Can They Do the Same for COVID?

How do governments and the wider medical community successfully immunise the entire world against COVID-19? The answer might just lie with women, who played an enormous role in eradicating wild polio across Africa.
An illustration of young children sitting on the backs of their parents who are working in the agricultural fields; children are reading a book or writing.

Left Without School or Daycare, Farmworkers Are Bringing Their Kids to Work

Every day after the sun rises in Limestone, Tenn., a 27-year-old Mexican farmworker walks into the barn where she washes and packs yellow squash and zucchini, her three young children carrying their backpacks next to…

A nurse in full safety gear attends to a patient lying down on a bed nearby.

Isolated in Rural Nigeria—and Waiting for America to Vote

A smiling family photo of a mother, father and their two young children.

Coronavirus child care pinch in U.S. poses threat to economic gains of working women

Inmates Witnessed a Suicide Attempt. They Received Coloring Pages Instead of Counseling

A woman in white and spectacles, wearing a name tag lanyard, talking to another woman who is sitting.

The Brutality of Brazil’s Pandemic Call Centers

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