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a series of blue pills on an orange background

‘It Felt So Freeing’: Why Young Women Are Dropping the Pill

A photo of a heart-shaped Valentine's Day balloon in the snow

Lessons from Texas: Advocates Warn of Extreme Weather’s Link to Domestic Violence

A photo portrait of a woman with a crowd of people seated in the background

The ICC’s Major Anti-Kony Verdict Is No Relief for His Victims

France Is in Denial About Domestic Violence

This woman is fighting to save Bangladesh’s oldest brothel

Anti-human trafficking apps were meant to save lives. They’re failing

Kelvin Lim began working to raise awareness about human trafficking in 2009. He used music and organised events at schools and universities across Malaysia, sometimes accompanied by his band. Then, one day in 2016, a…
Woman with baby son working

‘I Want to Move Forward’: Student Moms Bear Costly Double Burden of Child Care Costs, Student Debt

Making progress toward reducing massive debt seems like an elusive dream for two moms who are struggling to repay mounting student loans while covering child care expenses. Experts say they are not alone.
A photo of a baby holding a woman's finger

Revealed: US Citizen Newborns Sent to Mexico Under Trump-Era Border Ban

Migrant women were sent back to Mexico within days of giving birth and without an opportunity to collect birth certificates for their U.S. citizen newborns. They were “expelled” under a policy Trump officials put in…

Sex Criminals Use Bitcoin. So Do the Police.

Cryptocurrencies offer vast potential for catching sexual predators—but it remains mostly untapped.
A stylized illustration of a woman stooped over grabbing a pile of disheveled papers

‘I Want To Go Home’: Pandemic Exposes Exploitative Conditions Filipina Domestic Workers Face

Filipina women interviewed across Asia, Europe and the Middle East lost jobs or had salaries cut since the pandemic — others were subjected to physical abuse.

Power and Policy

Threat of Deportation Looms for Migrant Women Detained in Italy, Despite Rights to Legal Protection

Poland’s Abortion Rights Protests Lead to a Louder Call for Gender Equity

Illustration of a person in front of a computer with fingers on temple

Could Reparations From the UK Address Gender Inequality in Barbados? The Prime Minister Thinks So.

Image of two men and a woman seated at a table. The woman is speaking into a microphone

The Pentagon remains a battlefield for women

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