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‘We want accountability’ – As femicide deaths surge, Kenyan women demand an end to violence

How major abortion laws compare, state by state

Reporter’s Notebook: From bombings to blackouts — why the story of Gaza’s war widows was a reporting challenge like no other

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‘We have no hope’: What Pakistan’s expulsion of Afghan refugees means for women

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Universities Are Facing Diversity Whiplash. Four President Searches Will Set the Tone.

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African fashion is booming. It could create millions of jobs for women.

Environment & Climate Change

Can the Climate Tech Revolution Avoid Leaving Women Behind?


Sex Matters: Medical Research Overlooks Women


South Korea’s crackdown on false accusations has “chilling effect” on rape survivors


Following The Fuller Project’s reporting, U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) officials added uterine cancer to the list of conditions covered by the government program that monitors and treats those who lived and worked in Ground Zero.

Following our reporting on discriminatory practices in VC funding California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law requiring venture capitalists to disclose the gender and race of the founders they fund.

After investigating the exploitation of women sorters working for the U.S. essential oils company doTERRA, their abusive supplier left the country and the women formed their own cooperative.

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It will take 286 years to reach full gender equality at the current rate of progress.

(Source: UN)

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Less than 1% of news stories in India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK and the US cover gender equality issues.

(Source: Missing Perspectives Report)