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Is Getting Pregnant “Medically Necessary” Right Now?

The Pathologist: She Confronts the Virus From Inside Nursing Homes

COVID-19 Crisis Cost Women Millions More Jobs Than Men

Filipino children abandoned to internet sex abusers during coronavirus

Ohio’s Appalachian Region Was Already Losing Child Care Providers. Then the Pandemic Hit

CHESAPEAKE, Ohio —  The children at Stephanie Geneseo’s home-based child care center dart around in astronaut helmets while they battle green googly-eyed COVID alien germs, using play to learn about hand washing in a pandemic that…

‘I’m So Scared’: California Nail Salon Workers Face Ruin as Pandemic Wears On

When the coronavirus forced the closure of the nail salon where Tracy Tran works in Los Gatos, she was immediately robbed of two things she held dear: work and sleep. Ever since arriving in the…

With Less Money and More Risk, Waves of Child-Care Providers Call it Quits

OAKLAND —  Kirsten Hove and her mom have been taking care of kids in San Francisco for decades. Hove’s mother opened a day-care program in her home in the city’s Marina neighborhood more than 30 years ago.…

COVID-19 Evictions Could Leave More Women Without a Vote

(Cleveland) – Lynn Rodemann walked up the driveway, a mask fixed tightly to her face.  A mother of five welcomed her into the backyard, where she was cleaning up the colorful, damp decorations from a…

100 Years On, Black Women Are Still Fighting For Voting Rights

On a hot summer day in June, Jennifer Lumpkin and dozens of other organizers and volunteers rode through the streets of Cleveland, Ohio in a caravan of brightly colored Jeeps, handing out cloth masks and…


Coronavirus child care pinch in U.S. poses threat to economic gains of working women

Inmates Witnessed a Suicide Attempt. They Received Coloring Pages Instead of Counseling

The Brutality of Brazil’s Pandemic Call Centers

This Nurse is Leading the Fight for Safer Hospitals

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