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Fatima Bamba

Fatima Bamba is the Assistant to the CEO at the Fuller Project. She was born and raised in Harlem, New York, and is a first-generation Ivorian-American. Fatima recently graduated from American University with her M.A in Ethics, Peace and Human Rights with a concentration in Social Justice. While at American, Fatima’s research interests touched on genocide, religion, women’s issues, and Africana Philosophy. She is also a research fellow for the Center of the Study of Religion and the City (CSRC) at Morgan State University. 

In prior roles, Fatima worked in Diversity Equity and Inclusion at the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs as well as American University’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Her research with CSRC centers on community justice initiatives in urban cities across American cities. Fatima through her work aims to tell and preserve the stories of marginalized voices and communities at the intersections of gender, race, and religion. 

In her free time, she loves to cook, eat, and cultivate communal spaces for others.

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