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Vanessa Davila

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Vanessa’s reporting tells the stories of women living below the poverty line in communities like those where she grew up.

Vanessa is the editor of a series of multimedia stories that The Fuller Project produces in partnership with RESOLVE aimed at giving voice directly to women struggling with poverty. For years she has focused on collecting women’s stories and giving them a platform to be heard. In 2007, she was the focus of a nonfiction book on urban schools in Philadelphia, The Emergency Teacher, authored by Christina Asquith. Vanessa works full time as a customer service specialist at an automotive technology company. She is married and mother of three.

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Recent reporting by Vanessa:

When Will #MeToo Reach Places Like North Philly, Philadelphia Inquirer

My Cousin’s Experience with Childhood Trauma

Trauma is not only created by singular incidents. It can also be born out of a person’s repeated or continuous exposure to stress. A child in poverty faces a higher likelihood of developing this kind…

When Will #MeToo Reach Places Like North Philly?

There are so many of barriers facing women in below-poverty-line neighborhoods, but one that is rarely talked about is the pervasive sexual harassment.

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