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‘We know it’s the work of quack doctors’: Pandemic fans the flames of backstreet abortions in Kenya

Part two of our two-part series with The Telegraph & Kenya’s Daily Nation

During the coronavirus outbreak, Kenya saw another uptick in the number of aborted fetuses and abandoned babies, according to service providers in direct contact with women on the ground. Kabale and Donovan wrote a second, follow-up story digging into the spike. The reasons were varied: schools closures leaving some 13 million students idle for seven months, restrictions on movement hindering access to contraceptives and reproductive health information, as well as global medical supply chains still causing knock-on delays and shortages of contraceptives for some clinics in Kenya.

They told the story through the experience of Ashura Mciteka, a health volunteer who was dealing with aborted fetuses after they’d been abandoned in her local area. After a community landlord read the story, he offered Ashura an office space for one year free of charge. Using this space, she has been able to hold one-day trainings about the dangers of unsafe abortions with pregnant girls.

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