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We’re collaborating with FiveThirtyEight to report on what teachers and schools are facing in the third school year of the pandemic. Our series sheds light on school safety, workplace and labor issues, and the personal and professional challenges that come with being a teacher, school staffer and parent in this moment.

Students and a teacher in a school hallway

Why There Hasn’t Been A Mass Exodus Of Teachers

Much has been reported about the "she-cession," how women have left the workplace in disproportionate numbers. Journalist Rebecca Klein investigates why that hasn't happened among teachers — despite polls with dire predictions of a mass exodus.

A photo of a bus driver

Would you manage 70 children and a 15-ton vehicle for $18 an hour?

How the nationwide school bus driver shortage helps explain our economic weirdness.

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Photo of a little girl running back to her classroom

Are You a Teacher? FiveThirtyEight and The Fuller Project Want to Hear From You

If you are currently a K-12 teacher, take this survey to help contribute to an in-depth investigation by FiveThirtyEight and The Fuller Project.

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