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The Fuller Project and THE CITY, a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to hard-hitting journalism that serves the people of New York City, are partnering to report on the often unheard stories of women across all five boroughs. Together we will cover maternal health, caregiving, education, housing and more through the cross-cutting issues that affect women in New York.

The Fuller Project makes an indispensable contribution to ensuring that issues affecting women get more of the attention they so urgently need, and that women’s experiences and voices are more consistently centered. We are thrilled to have Jessica Washington working with our team of reporters and editors to bring that perspective to journalism that addresses the compound inequities faced by women in New York. This kind of deep partnership between newsrooms with shared values and complementary expertise will be crucial if we are to build resilient local news infrastructure that delivers impact, and fosters a better civic conversation.” – Nic Dawes, Executive Director, THE CITY

Woman pushing a stroller after picking up food from a food bank in Corona, Queens, 2021

Women With Children Having Harder Time Re-entering NYC Workforce

A new study shows 41% of women living with kids in New York Ci are not working compared to 24% of men with children — a lingering effect of remote school and a perpetual child care challenge.

A photo of two people with plastic bins standing in a room with a flooded floor

Child Care at NYC Public Housing Plagued by Unsanitary and Unsafe Conditions, Operators Say

Providers say they shoulder costs for heating and repairs — and have concerns for the children in their care. Some 400 child care centers are housed in buildings operated by New York City Housing Authority, a system beset by lead, mold and other woes.

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A photo of a woman speaking behind a microphone

Maya Wiley Won’t Be New York’s Next Mayor. What Will Happen to Her Signature Proposal?

Former New York City mayoral candidate Maya Wiley says she won’t be running for New York governor, but that won’t stop her from championing her signature child care agenda from outside public office.

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A photo of a woman wearing a crown of flowers and holding a bouquet

‘We Have to Survive’: Meet NYC Immigrant Women Fighting for Their Communities During the Pandemic

In the absence of comprehensive governmental safety nets, New York women banded together, adapted their skill sets, organized aid and fought for policy changes. What’s next for them?

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A Young Black Mother Died During Treatment for Postpartum Depression. Her Family Demands Answers

Denise Williams went to Queens Hospital Center last month. Her family found out 48 hours later that the 29-year-old mother of two had died at the city-run hospital. They still don’t know why.

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