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Alieza Durana

Deputy Director


Alieza Durana is the Deputy Director of the Fuller Project. A Cuban-American native of the Washington D.C. metro area, Alieza’s passion for addressing social and income inequalities have taken her around the world in pursuit of the data and stories that can move policy and culture forward.

Before coming to the Fuller Project, Alieza gained a decade of experience as a writer and researcher on the intersection of gender, work, and social policy, most recently at the think tank New America, as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Better Life Lab program. Alieza’s work mapping the state of childcare in America gained widespread national attention during the 2016 presidential campaign. To improve coverage of work, gender, and care issues, Alieza helped launched a year-long dedicated Better Life Lab vertical at Slate magazine.

She’s reported on health care access and the peace process in Bogota, Colombia, researched segregation effects in a U.S. context, lived and studied human rights in Chile, and researched EU implementation from Germany, where she lived for three years and got her Master’s in Public Policy. She’s fluent in Spanish and German, as well as English. Alieza lives in D.C. with her partner and furry companions.

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