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Corinne Redfern

Correspondent, Asia


Corinne Redfern is an award-winning British investigative journalist based in South Asia, and a leading journalistic voice on trafficking.

With a focus on gender, trafficking, and women’s health, she has tracked down kidnapped 11-year-old brides in the northern highlands of rural Laos, embedded in four of Bangladesh’s notorious ‘brothel villages’ for months at a time, followed teams of all-female landmine defusers in Sri Lanka, and travelled deep into the Sahara desert to report on life for girls growing up in one of the world’s most dangerous countries in which to be a woman.

Adept at living out of a rucksack, over the past ten years she has reported from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Benin, Niger, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Previously Acting Features Director and Contributing Editor at Marie Claire (UK), Corinne’s work has been published by the Washington Post, Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Times, IRIN News, BBC, ELLE, Esquire, COSMOPOLITAN, Stylist and VICE, among many others. A 2018 European Journalism Centre and Pulitzer Centre grantee, she holds a 2015 PPA Award and 2016 PPA Award for her gender-focused reports on the Israel/Palestine conflict and work documenting the impact of the European refugee crisis on Syrian women, and has been a finalist for media awards from Amnesty, One World Media, United Nations, DevEX and more.

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Recent reporting by Corinne:

The living hell of young girls enslaved in Bangladesh’s brothels, The Guardian

‘I’m Too Tired To Cry’: The Laotian Girls Who Are Kidnapped To Become Child Brides, The Lily

‘My Husband Sold Me To A Brothel’, Elle

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