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Malcolm Burnley

Senior Editor and Journalist, Philadelphia


Malcolm Burnley uncovers true stories of social injustice, urban solutions, and politics from his home city of Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a well-documented history of racial and class divisions that get frequent attention in the media, but the city’s unique segregation of women, particularly poor women, goes largely ignored to this day. 

Malcolm believes that reporting on women is the most important beat he could be dedicated towards in what’s the poorest big city in the nation. Through his reporting, he’s appeared on All Things Considered, On The Media, and the CBS Evening News.

With The Fuller Project, Malcolm is heading up our coverage of women in poverty in the U.S. in Philadelphia, with a focus on reporting around issues of maternal health, incarceration, and gender disparities in the workplace. He brings a wealth of multimedia experience (having worked in magazines, talk radio, and broadcast radio), along with the intersectional experience of a man who’s written about race — if not gender — for much of his life.

In addition to justice-oriented reporting, Malcolm likes writing features on oddballs, iconoclasts, and fringe characters, maybe because he is one himself. He’s a 2012 graduate of Brown University and a former editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

Recent reporting by Malcolm:

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