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The Fuller Project partners with Les Glorieuses

January 25, 2021

IMPACT will be, among other things, carried by a newsletter

Gloria Media, the publisher of feminist newsletters Les Glorieuses, Les Petites Glo and Economie, is launching IMPACT, an international news agency dedicated to covering feminist and political issues. The project is launched this month independent with a pilot issue* of the political newsletter of the same name. This newsletter will deal with public and private policies that impact the lives of women and the evolution of feminist movements at the international level. In addition to surveys, the agency will publish news and dispatches. This content will be distributed in a dedicated newsletter (initially monthly), in an insert in the weekly Les Glorieuses newsletter, as well as on Twitter.
The recruitment of seven international correspondents, reporting to the editor-in-chief Anne-Dominique Correa, will support IMPACT’s international ambition.

A participative construction 

While the first issue of the IMPACT newsletter will be published in February, its launch will be accompanied by a broad consultation with first-time readers, which will begin on Monday, January 25, 2021 around the pilot issue. 

For this pilot issue, Les Glorieuses has partnered with The Fuller Project, an award-winning global nonprofit newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking reporting on women. The theme of the survey published in the newsletter concerns the mobilization in Poland on the right to abortion : « The women of Poland are no longer afraid ». Several recurring sections will be added to this survey.

  •  To register for free, go to the IMPACT page

For Caroline Prak, head of operations at Les Glorieuses: “The IMPACT project completes Gloria Media’s portfolio of newsletters. In addition to the new newsletter which aims to inform and analyze political and citizen initiatives all over the world, it seemed essential for us to launch the foundations of a press agency to report on political news as it relates to women’s rights. In our opinion, such a medium is lacking in the current landscape, in particular with a legislative component. Impact is a project that we want to be participatory: we are opening a consultation with the public but also partnerships with other actors. From an editorial point of view, it seemed essential for us to launch this first issue with the Polish revolution and to partner with The Fuller Project. « 

“At The Fuller Project we center our journalism around women’s untold stories,” says Khushbu Shah, The Fuller Project’s Editor in Chief. “Our partnership with Les Glorieuses is an opportunity to reach more women with uncompromising and unflinching global stories and cover the reverberations of failing systems and policies on their lives affecting women everywhere. We hope the stories we create together show the interconnectedness of women globally.”

The IMPACT newsletter will be free and accessible by subscription, initially on a monthly basis and on a weekly basis via a dedicated insert in the Les Glorieuses newsletter. The pilot issue, submitted for readers’ feedback, presents a survey, an insert with international briefs and dispatches on mobilizations, an insert with political news, and an insert with the points to be followed over the month. Readers and those interested in participating in the project are invited to answer questions on the newsletter title, section titles, design, and styles of illustrations.

In addition to the newsletter and the work around the dispatches, a series of conferences will support the overall system around IMPACT.

  •  To help us build the IMPACT initiative, please answer this survey here
  • Any information on feminist mobilisations? Send it to

Contacts : Les Glorieuses, Caroline Prak, directrice des opérations, 06 62 30 29 84  / Twitter : @carolineprak / Linked In : caroline.prak

The Fuller Project / Kimberly Abbott, CCO 202-441-4404   / Twitter @kimberlymabbott / Linked In: Kimberly.Abbott 

Credits :

Paulina Reiter is a reporter for The Fuller Project, a global nonprofit newsroom reporting on issues that affect women.

Agata Nowicka is an illustrator and designer of posters and book covers. Her work has been published in the Polish feminist magazine Wysokie Obcasy (High Heels), in the New Yorker, TIME and the New York Times, and has appeared in works by Taschen |

Notes to editors: 

*The launching newsletter is a pilot issue Les Glorieuses open a survey on so the readership can build the final design, template and contents with them.

Gloria Media – 

Les Glorieuses newsletters unite a French community of more than 180,000 people around a vision of feminism borrowed from Anglo-Saxon culture, intersectional feminism, and examples of mobilizations such as the Icelanders’ march for equal pay. Resolutely turned towards imagination invoking utopia, research or classical and popular culture, verticals completed the newsletter-title. After Les Petites Glo or Economy, IMPACT is broadening the spectrum of Les Glorieuses while supporting its international development with The Fuller Project.

The Fuller Project is the award-winning global nonprofit newsroom dedicated to objective, groundbreaking reporting on women, to raise awareness, expose injustice and spur accountability. Its correspondents in the U.S. and around the globe rigorously report on untold stories and the interconnected issues affecting women and their communities everywhere. The Fuller Project’s reporting often leads the news cycle and is published in prominent outlets, bringing the full story to a large and diverse audience.  The Fuller Project’s investigative journalism has helped end harmful practices, led to large scale releases of public data and contributed to the introduction of new legislation.

Les Glorieuses wish to thank its whole team that participated in building IMPACT : Rebecca Amsellem, Anne-Dominique Correa, Caroline Prak, Elena Raymond, Chloé Thibaud ; as well as the Fuller Project team : Kimberly Abbott, Amie Ferris-Rotman, Khushbu Shah.

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