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The Right to Work

Across the US, the decriminalization of sex work has become increasingly popular, provoking intense debates within communities. But what role, if any, will the police play?

This woman is fighting to save Bangladesh’s oldest brothel

The light was still dim when Monowara Begum (pictured) shuffled into her sandals and began her morning patrol. With a slight wheeze, the 44-year-old paced the alleyways, scowling behind gold-rimmed glasses as she listened for…

Anti-human trafficking apps were meant to save lives. They’re failing

Kelvin Lim began working to raise awareness about human trafficking in 2009. He used music and organised events at schools and universities across Malaysia, sometimes accompanied by his band. Then, one day in 2016, a…

Sex Criminals Use Bitcoin. So Do the Police.

Cryptocurrencies offer vast potential for catching sexual predators—but it remains mostly untapped.

‘I Want To Go Home’: Pandemic Exposes Exploitative Conditions Filipina Domestic Workers Face

Filipina women interviewed across Asia, Europe and the Middle East lost jobs or had salaries cut since the pandemic — others were subjected to physical abuse.

Threat of Deportation Looms for Migrant Women Detained in Italy, Despite Rights to Legal Protection

Undocumented migrant women are cut off from critical support services inside Italy’s immigration detention center during the pandemic and are being deported despite their legal right to protection as a result.

Targeted for abuse: With borders closed, women fleeing Venezuela face additional threats

Colombia’s border closure due to COVID-19 left no safe way for Venezuelan migrants to cross the border, exposing more women to sexual abuse, kidnapping, trafficking and murder that is endemic along informal routes.

“It’s Like a War Zone”: Anti-Trafficking Organizations Struggle Under COVID-19

It’s the early, pinkish hours of the morning, and Ruchira Gupta is already on the phone to a local farmer in Uttar Pradesh, India, working to persuade him to give her whatever potatoes and onions…

COVID-19 Lockdowns Left Nigerian Trafficking Survivors Stranded. Now They’re Looking for a Way Home

The three young women agreed they would escape by nightfall. They didn’t have any money or documents, but Jessica, 19, and her friends knew it was time to go. The brothel was not as crowded…

Filipino children abandoned to internet sex abusers during coronavirus

The boy is 16 years old, and law enforcement officers believe he’s being sexually exploited by foreigners over the internet – abuse that seems to have been going on for years. He lives in the Philippines, and they know exactly…

The Pandemic’s Hidden Human Trafficking Crisis

For anyone familiar with the mechanisms and methods that drive trafficking, it’s obvious why rates of exploitation spike during international crises.

Coronavirus: Over 200% Surge In Links To Child Abuse Material Posted Online

Teams of undercover investigators and analysts tasked with identifying and removing webpages containing pictures and videos of child abuse have reported a massive spike in activity during the outbreak of COVID-19. There has been an…

Coronavirus Locks Down the Philippines, but Children Face Threat of Online Abuse

Wearing pajamas and a pair of plastic slip-on shoes, the 12-year-old girl crouched in a doorway and texted a friend to say she’d run away. It was raining, and the mud stuck to her flip-flops…

Childhood Lost in Darkness

In her airless tin bedroom, 16-year-old Yasmin gulped back sobs and described the day she got married. She was tricked, she said. Four years ago, a neighbour had locked her in his house and raped…

Trafficked Nepali, Indian Women Repatriated

Five women from Nepal and India who had been trafficked into the country were repatriated to their home countries this week.

SEA Games: Foreign Tourist Surge to Philippines Sees Rising Risk of Sex Trafficking

Sixteen-year-old Julianne* was trafficked into the Philippine sex industry two years ago. She makes between US$40 and US$80 a week, which goes straight to her family of six. As dusk falls and men flock to…

In Philippine Red-Light District, an Uphill Struggle to Battle Trafficking and Abuses

ANGELES CITY, Philippines — The girls onstage were numbered, not named. Silently, they shuffled in a circle around the mirrored platform in a basement dance bar; arms folded around bare stomachs, eyes fixed on the…

Bangladesh’s Child Marriage Problem Is the World’s Human Trafficking Crisis

First Papiya was forced into marriage at 12 years old. Then she was trafficked into sexual slavery.
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