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Fast fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Its global workforce is paying the price.

Around the world, fashion’s mostly female labor force are grappling with working conditions made increasingly unbearable and unhealthy by climate change.

How abortion restrictions compare, state-by-state

Access to abortion in the U.S. depends on where you live. Increasingly, the South and Midwest are becoming complete abortion deserts. Our interactive map highlights six major restrictions in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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As the Taliban step up restrictions, women face a total ban from working in the media industry

Once a thriving presence on air, Afghan women are now at risk of being banned entirely from working in media after latest Taliban warning.

Online images are making gender bias worse, research shows

Pictures stick in our minds. But men dominate online images of various professionals, amplifying stereotypes against women.

 Tea companies have agreed to slow mechanization after Kenya protests – but for how long?

As automation hits women’s jobs, unions in Kenya fight back.

New federal report calls out clinical trials for excluding pregnant women

A new report from the influential National Academies of Sciences pushes back on the unspoken rule in medical research that pregnant and breastfeeding women are too vulnerable and risky to include in clinical trials.

While many Black women in US abandon hair relaxers linked to cancer, sales climb in African countries

The companies at the center of thousands of U.S. lawsuits produce some of Africa’s most popular chemical straighteners like Dark & Lovely and TCB Naturals.

Why Heart Disease Research Still Favors Men

Women are neglected by medical research, especially when it comes to heart disease.

New Hope for Pakistan’s Mistreated Workers

Germany’s new Supply Chain Act could help curb some of the world’s worst labor injustices.

This Trans Day of Visibility, trans journalists push for better coverage of their communities

Trans people are all over the news, but trans journalists say that the coverage reinforces stereotypes at best, and at worst dehumanizes.

Mona Polacca: leading with the heart in a time of climate change

Prominent spiritual elder reflects on what propels her work toward a future of Indigenous climate justice

Natural disasters raise risk of domestic violence

Natural disasters increase instances of intimate partner violence, creating particular danger for the usual victims: women.

Reporter’s Notebook: Debt, hysterectomies and child marriage — what working in the sugar-cane industry means for Indian women

Debt, hysterectomies and child marriage -- what working in the sugar-cane industry means for Indian women.

The Brutality of Sugar: Debt, Child Marriage and Hysterectomies

Women working on India’s sugarcane farms are having expensive and medically unnecessary hysterectomies so they can work uninterrupted - a practice that keeps sugar flowing to Coke, Pepsi and Cadbury, but leaves its victims with…

Nearly Three Decades of Data on Women in Construction is Missing — Here’s How That Could Change

The government stopped collecting data on diversity in the construction industry nearly three decades ago — that could soon change.

The Global Cost of the American Anti-Abortion Movement

Conservatives have not limited their attack on reproductive rights to the United States. They’ve been busy imposing their will on other countries, too—with disastrous consequences for millions of poor women.

‘We’re waving our white flag’: What physicians say they need from the U.S. to stop syphilis spread

Not since 1950 have more pregnant women and babies been sick with syphilis — a perfect storm of slashed public health funding and the spread of maternity-care deserts

From South Korea’s feminists to the secret beauty salons of Afghanistan, read women’s inspiring stories from around the world

We’ve teamed up with 14 international news outlets to shed light on the most pressing issues facing women globally.
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