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The Fuller Project is the award-winning global nonprofit newsroom dedicated to objective, groundbreaking reporting on women, to raise awareness, expose injustice and spur accountability.

We are journalists guided by our own reporting experiences.  Our correspondents in the U.S. and around the globe rigorously report on untold stories and the interconnected issues affecting women and their communities everywhere.

Overview of The Fuller Project, the award-winning global
nonprofit newsroom dedicated to
groundbreaking reporting on women.

Our reporting often leads the news cycle and is published in prominent outlets, bringing the full story to a large and diverse audience.  The Fuller Project’s investigative journalism has helped end harmful practices, led to large scale releases of public data and contributed to the introduction of new legislation.

A reporter talking to a group of men in an IDP camp outside of Herat in Afghanistan
Sophia Jones reporting in an IDP camp outside of Herat in western
Afghanistan, 2019. (Solmaz Daryani)

While a foreign correspondent in Istanbul in 2015, Christina Asquith founded The Fuller Project along with Xanthe Scharff. In 2016 they established the project in the U.S. and expanded the global team.

The Fuller Project is named for the first U.S. female war correspondent, Margaret Fuller. 

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