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Three people hold a framed photo and a lit candle

‘I’m scared every damn day’: In the Philippines, violence shadows trans lives

Pandemic crushes global supply chains, workers at both ends

Illustration of a pregnant woman in Zimbabwe

In a changed mindset, new Zimbabwe law offers pregnant teens the promise of education

Photograph of a woman with her hand raised

‘Men’s Violence Will Outlive The Coronavirus’ — Push To End Global Spike In Abuse Against Women Amid the Pandemic

An illustration of women standing in a circle with men standing on their shoulders

As India’s Credit Sector Falters, So Do Women’s Livelihoods

Threat of Deportation Looms for Migrant Women Detained in Italy, Despite Rights to Legal Protection

Undocumented migrant women are cut off from critical support services inside Italy’s immigration detention center during the pandemic and are being deported despite their legal right to protection as a result.

Poland’s Abortion Rights Protests Lead to a Louder Call for Gender Equity

Women across Poland have been at the heart of a protest movement railing against a ruling that would ban most abortions — the country’s largest protests since the end of Communism 30 years ago. Now…
Illustration of a person in front of a computer with fingers on temple

Could Reparations From the UK Address Gender Inequality in Barbados? The Prime Minister Thinks So.

As Covid-19 worsens the gender inequity in the Caribbean, the Barbadian prime minister is calling on the UK to pay up.
Image of two men and a woman seated at a table. The woman is speaking into a microphone

The Pentagon remains a battlefield for women

President-elect Joe Biden’s historic pick for Secretary of Defense dashed hopes for another first: a female head of the Pentagon.
Woman holds her baby as she stands in line along a fence with other migrants

‘Binary’ Choice for Detained Mothers During COVID: Family Separation or Indefinite Detention

Parents detained at an immigration center in Texas face what advocates call a “binary” choice: let the children be released alone or remain detained together and bear the threat of catching a deadly disease.

A woman walking in a neighborhood

‘We know it’s the work of quack doctors’: Pandemic fans the flames of backstreet abortions in Kenya

Illustration of a woman performing a breast exam

COVID-19 has stopped everything except cancer — the cells are still growing

Women Were Key to Eradicating Wild Polio in Africa. But Can They Do the Same for COVID?

A nurse in full safety gear attends to a patient lying down on a bed nearby.

Isolated in Rural Nigeria—and Waiting for America to Vote

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