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India’s COVID-19 Crisis
A photo of medical worker inserting a swab inside of a woman's mouth

Anantnag, Indian-Administered Kashmir: ‘I Have Children And I Fear To Go Near Them’

Pune, Maharashtra: A Haze of Delirium and Rumors of a Medical Hoax

A group of people sitting outside, well spaced out

‘It Is Like I Am Being Strangled’

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh: ‘Our Supervisors Tell Us Not to Take the Vaccine. They Tell us That the Injection Will Kill Us.’

Photo of Bill Cosby standing next to a woman outside

Celebrity Justice: How Women Saw Their Own Experiences in the Cosby and Spears Cases

Two high-profile celebrity court cases over the past week seemed to capture the frustration many women experience as they seek justice in the U.S. legal system.
A photo of a mural depicting a naked woman's body with yellow stripes covering her chest and pelvis

The World Hasn’t Figured Out How to Stop ‘Revenge Porn’

Various countries have outlawed the practice—but the laws don’t seem to be working.
A photo of people panting a phrase on a building's wall

France’s Femicide Rate Plunged Last Year. But Without Funding, More Women Will Die, Experts Say

Femicides dropped sharply in 2020, but activists worry it was only temporary.
A photo portrait of a smiling woman standing outside along a city street

NYC Immigrant Communities Have Long Been Represented by White Men. Will This Election Change That?

Women of color are running to transform local governance in New York and across the U.S., driven by the belief that their communities have been neglected and inspired by the successes at the national level.
A photo of a large group of women protesting at the Western Wall

Could Women’s Rights be Key to Unifying Israel’s Government?

Israel’s political future could influence the future for women in Israel, as well as elsewhere in the greater region.

Politics & Policy
A photo showing a child and an adult pointing to colorful alphabet blocks

As Attention Turns to Child Care, the System’s Unsung Heroes Ask for Recognition

A photo of a man leaning on the back of a yellow cab, standing next to a woman, who is seated on the back of the cab

Taxi Medallion Crisis Drives Council Candidates on Road Toward a Rescue

Women walking through the rubble of a bombed building

Online, in Courtrooms and at Protests, Palestinian Women Lead Calls for Change

A photograph of a woman crying, with a handkerchief at her eye

The Legacy of Wartime Atrocities Still Looms Over Asian Alliances


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