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A photo of a woman standing to the side, in profile

She Made Jeans for Americans. When They Stopped Shopping, She Turned to Sex Work

As the garment sector—one of the Lesotho’s largest employers—crumbles during the coronavirus pandemic, a 30-year-old factory worker turns to sex work to make do.
Photo of a woman speaking behind a podium

Did Angela Merkel Matter for Women?

Whatever labels have been affixed to this often-inscrutable woman, there is one that she herself has consistently dodged: feminist.
Illustration of a Myanmar garment worker

Violence Spikes As Myanmar Garment Workers Say Factories Are Colluding With the Junta

With tensions rising in alleged military-linked factories, brands such as Mango and Zara have cut ties in recent months. But at what cost to the mostly female workforce?
Students and a teacher in a school hallway

Why There Hasn’t Been A Mass Exodus Of Teachers

Much has been reported about the “she-cession,” how women have left the workplace in disproportionate numbers. Journalist Rebecca Klein investigates why that hasn’t happened among teachers.
A photo of a bus driver

Would You Manage 70 Children And A 15-Ton Vehicle For $18 An Hour?

Take a new job or take your kids to school? A school bus driver shortage in suburban Minneapolis is leaving some moms with tough choices. It’s happening across America and is a trend that experts say won’t bode well for women and the economy.

A photo of a woman standing outside looking off into the distance

‘No Fish Means No Food’: How Yurok Women Are Fighting For Their Tribe’s Health

Photo of firefighter looking out at body of water reflecting flames

Female ‘Hotshot’ Firefighters Want Action on Reproductive Health Risks

Niger Delta gas flaring

In Nigeria, Gas Giants Get Rich As Women Sink into Poverty

Are Chemicals Poisoning the World’s Female Workers?

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