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The Full Story is a partnership between The Fuller Project and Foreign Policy. Our rigorous reporting by diverse voices reveals the distinct and underexplored ways in which U.S. foreign policy impacts women and girls around the world. Our collaborative reporting has twice earned honorable mentions from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

“Foreign Policy is incredibly proud of its partnership with The Fuller Project. As it becomes increasingly clear that the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately impacted women around the world—on the frontlines of healthcare, in the informal economy, and with increased unpaid labor at home—Fuller Project reporters continue to shine a spotlight on underreported global trends by seeing gender as central to every story. With dispatches from Bangladesh to Brazil and beyond, The Fuller Project’s work plays a powerful role in changing mindsets and policies in the United States and around the world.” – Ravi Agrawal Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy  

New Hope for Pakistan’s Mistreated Workers

Germany’s new Supply Chain Act could help curb some of the world’s worst labor injustices.

Iran’s New—Even Worse—Hijab Era Has Begun

On the eve of parliamentary elections, nationwide protests have ended—and a misogynist backlash is just beginning.

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Gaza’s Widows Are Fighting for Their Families’ Lives

Women in Gaza ‘have to find ways to survive’ as the humanitarian crisis grows.

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5 Ways Women Made a Difference in 2023

Amid rising conflict, these people and organizations fought for peace and justice.

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The Middle East Has a ‘Sextortion’ Problem

The region’s social stigmas are deterring women from reporting online sexual abuse.

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Women workers at high risk from automation

In Kenya’s tea plantations, labor activists say thirty thousand women have lost their jobs as a result of automation — they represent a broader global trend, with experts saying women are more likely than men to be automated out of a job.

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The women workers who are subsidizing global public health

Millions of community health workers, like the famous ASHA workers of India, form the cost-effective backbone of rural health programs around the world but are often unpaid — meaning millions of unpaid or underpaid women are effectively subsidizing trillions of dollars in global health.

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three women standing and talking to a soldier

The women who helped bring down Sudan’s dictator hoped it would end discrimination against them. Instead, they’re fighting for their lives.

The Sudanese women who toppled al-Bashir wanted an equal seat at the negotiating table. Instead, they were sidelined by fundamentalist military commanders who served under al-Bashir.

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A woman covers her face with a #MeToo sign while sitting on the ground.

South Korea’s crackdown on false accusations has “chilling effect” on rape survivors

A wave of anti-feminist backlash in South Korea -- from the president’s vow to go hard on “false sexual assault accusers” to the government’s open refusal to reform the country’s outdated rape laws -- is intimidating many sexual assault victims in the country into silence, women’s rights advocates warn.

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Do Gender Quotas in Elections Work?

Sierra Leone is about to become the latest country to find out.

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People stand together holding signs that say decidir es mi derecho

“Cornered on all sides”

25 years after El Salvador fully outlawed abortion, resulting in more than 50 women being imprisoned, a Latin American human rights court might finally overturn the ban.

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People stand in a street waving flag and shouting

Peru has its first female president — but feminists aren’t celebrating

Peru’s first female president’s legacy tarnished from the start.

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America Is Again Failing Afghanistan’s Women—and Itself

The deteriorating status of women under Taliban rule is a strategic disaster for Washington.

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In Thailand, an Uphill Battle to Legalize Sex Work

Sex workers and liberal politicians are fighing an uphill battle to legalize sex work in Thailand.

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A woman stands in her kitchen next to food cooking over a fire

Eating last and least: Widening gender hunger gap raises climate alarm

Women typically eat less in Indian households and are often found compromising their share of food to feed others in the family exposing the growing hunger crisis.

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A woman protester holds a photograph of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini during a protest on October 1, 2022 in Trafalgar Square in London.

How Women Changed the World This Year

From Colombia to Iran, feminism is an increasingly unstoppable force.

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Qatar’s World Cup Legacy Is Stranded Worker Widows

As the most controversial World Cup in recent memory draws to a close, thousands of widows across South Asia are left picking up the pieces of their shattered lives.

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Photo of a person looking at items on a grocery store shelf

Baby formula marketing practices are still too aggressive

While American mothers can’t find enough formula, a new WHO report details why in other parts of the world parents are getting too much.

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