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Our journalists spotlight critical issues and expose injustice with in-depth reporting published in renowned news outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Foreign Policy, and in partnership with the largest and most respected newsrooms around the world, from India to Afghanistan to Kenya.

Partnering with legacy news outlets ensures our rigorous reporting reaches the broadest global audiences. Our reporting is relied on by policymakers, corporate leaders, influencers, and individuals across the globe, leading to better outcomes for women and their communities.

Our exclusive reporting on spikes in early puberty during the pandemic reached millions of Washington Post readers. 

Our reporting from Poland on the link between the limitations on reproductive services and the erosion of democratic rights was read by influencers and policymakers in the pages of Foreign Policy.

Our publishing partnership with TIME on abuses of women at a Lesotho factory that supplied Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line reached the highest echelons of the company and spurred significant reforms.

As women’s standing in society improves, so does the potential for stronger democracies and economic and political stability. A single authoritative story about women can create awareness to spark change.

“The Fuller Project reporters continue to shine a spotlight on underreported global trends by seeing gender as central to every story. With dispatches from Bangladesh to Brazil and beyond, The Fuller Project’s work plays a powerful role in changing mindsets and policies in the United States and around the world.”

Ravi Agrawal Managing Editor, Foreign Policy

“At a time when Afghan women have lost not only their rights to work and education but also their social identities, the world needs to hear their voices. The partnership between Rukhshana Media and The Fuller Project provides an opportunity for Afghan women to tell their own stories in their own words. It enables them to tell how the return of the Taliban to power is influencing and shaping their everyday lives and how they feel about it. ”

Zahra Joya, Founder, Rukhshana Media

“The Fuller Project and Reckon share a sense of urgency for shining light when our public institutions don’t live up to their promises to create democracy that is accessible to everyone. This important partnership is the result of deep listening over the past few years, and couldn’t happen at a more crucial time. Reckon and The Fuller Project have always known the power of collaboration, which is why this long-term partnership is the critical next step in our impact and accountability journalism.”

Ryan Nave, Editor-in-Chief, Reckon

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