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Our vision is journalism that fully represents all women, giving readers The Full Story, and spurring gender equality.  

The Fuller Project works in partnership with local, national and global newsrooms around the world, fostering a community of editors and reporters dedicated to addressing gender bias. Collaborations grounded in our deep expertise in gender journalism and the regional or issue expertise of our partners produce system level change within our industry and nuanced, high-impact journalism — they are key to building and scaling impact-driven journalism on women, and an essential part of The Fuller Project’s vision and mission.

That vision is of a world where readers across the globe have access to balanced, nuanced reporting about women; where reporting on The Full Story is a given, not relegated to a specific desk or special section; and journalism centered on women’s lives, rooted in deep source networks, history and systemic context, is accepted as industry best practice. We are bringing  the women, communities and issues long excluded from the news into the spotlight, collaborating with dedicated partners to produce stories that reach policy and other decision makers directly or raise public awareness. 

In 2021 we worked with 23 outlets around the world, from TIME to the Lesotho Times. Through our long-standing partnership with Foreign Policy, we’ve covered domestic violence in France, female farmers in India, parental rights in Spain, Pakistan’s lone lactation consultant, revenge porn laws around the world and so much more. We’re working with FiveThirtyEight to report on what teachers are facing as we enter the third school year of the pandemic. For the Nation’s Gender Desk in Kenya, we provide global coverage of issues affecting women and have produced more than 1500 articles.

Last year we also redoubled our commitment to deeper local-global partnerships. In South Asia, we have a dedicated gender, environment and health reporter based in Pune, India, and have partnered with The Wire and Scroll. In Afghanistan we are reporting on women and girls in every province through our partnership with Rukhshana Media. We have embedded Fuller Project reporters in two local newsrooms:we have a data and health reporter embedded with Reckon, covering the American Southeast, and a reporter embedded with THE CITY covering women in the five boroughs of New York City. 

“The Fuller Project reporters continue to shine a spotlight on underreported global trends by seeing gender as central to every story. With dispatches from Bangladesh to Brazil and beyond, The Fuller Project’s work plays a powerful role in changing mindsets and policies in the United States and around the world.”

Ravi Agrawal Managing Editor, Foreign Policy

“At a time when Afghan women have lost not only their rights to work and education but also their social identities, the world needs to hear their voices. The partnership between Rukhshana Media and The Fuller Project provides an opportunity for Afghan women to tell their own stories in their own words. It enables them to tell how the return of the Taliban to power is influencing and shaping their everyday lives and how they feel about it. ”

Zahra Joya, Founder, Rukhshana Media

“The Fuller Project and Reckon share a sense of urgency for shining light when our public institutions don’t live up to their promises to create democracy that is accessible to everyone. This important partnership is the result of deep listening over the past few years, and couldn’t happen at a more crucial time. Reckon and The Fuller Project have always known the power of collaboration, which is why this long-term partnership is the critical next step in our impact and accountability journalism.”

Ryan Nave, Editor-in-Chief, Reckon

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