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The protest for women, life and freedom is not over

The Fuller Project's CEO Xanthe Scharff reflects on the one-year anniversary of Masha Amini's death and the women's rights movement that followed.

The women workers who are subsidizing global public health

Millions of community health workers, like the famous ASHA workers of India, form the cost-effective backbone of rural health programs around the world but are often unpaid — meaning millions of unpaid or underpaid women…

Reporter’s Notebook: As suicides rise in Afghanistan, getting people to open up under the Taliban poses enormous challenges

News stories about Afghan women dying by suicide made Zahra Nader want to dig deeper. Getting people to open up took months.

Afghan women take their own lives as despair grows under Taliban rule

An investigation into rising female suicides in Afghanistan as the Taliban erodes women’s rights.

A generation at risk: two years after the Taliban takeover, Afghan women and girls are still fighting for basic human rights

The Fuller Project's CEO Xanthe Scharff reflects on women and girl's education two years after the Taliban regained control in Afghanistan.

As heat waves intensify, evidence that older women are hit hardest is growing. Now some are fighting back.

As evidence grows that heat waves hit older women hardest, a group of Swiss women are taking their government to court over climate inaction.

Soccer’s fight for workers’ rights

Women soccer stars are seeing some success in their push for equal pay. The same isn’t true for the women in FIFA’s supply chain.

The women who helped bring down Sudan’s dictator hoped it would end discrimination against them. Instead, they’re fighting for their lives.

The Sudanese women who toppled al-Bashir wanted an equal seat at the negotiating table. Instead, they were sidelined by fundamentalist military commanders who served under al-Bashir.

 From Malawi: The power of a story 

Eighteen years ago, our CEO and Cofounder wrote an article about a Malawian girl's desire to learn. The experience changed her life, and inspires her work today.

South Korea’s crackdown on false accusations has “chilling effect” on rape survivors

A wave of anti-feminist backlash in South Korea -- from the president’s vow to go hard on “false sexual assault accusers” to the government’s open refusal to reform the country’s outdated rape laws -- is…

Do Gender Quotas in Elections Work?

Sierra Leone is about to become the latest country to find out.

Japan’s “Flower Demo” Movement Prompts Change in Rape Law

The Fuller Project’s CEO Xanthe Scharff reflects on the Flower Demo organizers who recently helped change Japan's rape law.

‘Women bear the biggest brunt of climate change,’ says climate scientist Susan Chomba

Kenyan Susan Chomba leads the fight against climate change and for the environment in a high-profile role at the World Resources Institute.

New UN Development Programme Study Reveals Nine Out of 10 People Hold at Least One Fundamental Bias Against Women

The Fuller Project’s CEO Xanthe Scharff reflects on UN Development Programme's the new gender social norms study.

For Turkey’s women the fight doesn’t end with the run-off

In Turkey, Erdogan’s government has whittled away women’s rights over 20 years in power, and the country’s women are fed up. “We’re not gone. We are still fighting here.”

Conservative Muslim Women Helped Erdoğan Win Previous Elections. Now Some Are Turning Against Him

Religious women are teaming up with secular feminists to fight back against the government’s growing authoritarianism and receding rights for women in the wake of Sunday’s pivotal elections in Turkey.

India’s solar power push delivers an unexpected bonus – empowering rural women

India’s push for solar delivers unexpected gains for women in the country’s rural areas.

Committed to Reporting on Women: Reflecting on World Press Freedom Day

The Fuller Project's CEO Xanthe Scharff reflects on World Press Freedom Day.
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