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How to Pitch Us

The Fuller Project is always on the lookout for excellent stories on issues that affect women in the United States and globally. 

Read below for guidance on what to pitch, how and to whom. 

What makes a story a Fuller Project story?

The Fuller Project pursues stories around issues that impact women. 

While we may commission a story if it is especially intriguing, for the most part, we are looking for nuanced pitches around timely moments. In the latter half of 2020, that means we are looking for coronavirus or public health-related stories, stories about racial and social justice and in the US, politics and election-related pitches. We are also always looking at stories around gender based violence, trafficking, the climate crisis and reproductive healthcare. 

We are primarily interested in stories that will raise awareness and/or could spur accountability.

But it’s not enough for a story source or character to be a woman. What is the clear angle centred around women? Your nut graf should answer that (but more on that below).

If your reporting has relevant data elements or an investigative element, that is a plus.

We are not looking for profiles, essays, breaking news, or op-eds. 

What are we looking for in a pitch? 

Be concise but meaty. We are looking for pitches around 500 words. If you are pitching a complex investigation or project, it can go a little longer.

What kinds of stories does The Fuller Project commission?

We commission and support a variety of stories, including quicker turnaround stories that are roughly around or under 2,000 words, in addition to longer stories and projects. We hold a very high standard for commissioned work and usually only take on a handful of large projects every year.

How does The Fuller Project publish?

There are several ways The Fuller Project publishes work. We have a webpage where we highlight all of our work, including some in-house published reporting. We also partner with leading news outlets and media organizations in the U.S. and around the world to publish, cross-publish and feature our reporting. 

The Fuller Project does not generally accept already written or reported stories. We work with journalists from story conception, through reporting, editing, and pitching to outside publishing partners, and on to publish. 

How much do you pay for freelance pieces?

The Fuller Project pays competitive rates for freelance work. The rate depends on the length and scope of the story, either based on a per word or project rate. 

How do I submit a pitch?

Please email your pitch to pitch@fullerproject.org

Along with your pitch, please submit links to 2-4 recent clips.

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