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About Us

The Fuller Project is the global newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking reporting that catalyzes positive change for women. 


Our Mission

The Fuller Project is the global newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking reporting that catalyzes positive change for women.

Since we launched in 2015, our reporting has influenced new legislation, helped end life-threatening practices, and led to large scale releases of public data. For example, our investigations have led to increased funding for maternal health care, helped rescue migrant domestic workers held against their will, prompted a major fashion brand to end abuse at their garment factory, introduced legislation to ban virginity testing, and fueled policy changes on the minimum wage for tipped workers.

We report exclusive stories centered on women that otherwise would not be told. Our long-standing focus on women, especially those facing racial or other forms of bias, leads to journalism that by challenging conventional thinking inspires action.

Our journalists spotlight critical issues and expose injustice with in-depth reporting published in renowned news outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and Foreign Policy, and inside the largest and most respected newsrooms around the world from Afghanistan to India to Kenya. Partnering with legacy news outlets ensures our rigorous reporting reaches the broadest global audiences.

Our reporting is relied on by policymakers, corporate leaders, influencers and individuals across the globe, leading to better outcomes for women and their communities. As women’s standing in society improves, so does the potential for stronger democracies, and economic and political stability. A single authoritative story about women can create awareness to spark change.

The Fuller Project’s Values

Lede with Integrity

We are independent and nonpartisan. Our reporting begins with an open notebook. We draw on diverse perspectives and value each person’s voice equally.

Redefine the Headline

We center our reporting on women’s often unheard stories through investigative and enterprise reporting. Our journalists are on the ground long before stories break, reporting on the data, history, and consequences of systemic inequality.

Co-Byline Radically

We intentionally collaborate at every stage of our journalism. We enrich our partner newsrooms’ engagement with the source networks, research and evidence that underpins great journalism about women.

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