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Abigail Steckler

Abigail is a documentary filmmaker and podcast producer based out of Brooklyn, NY. With her production company, Little Scorpion Studios, her goal is to amplify unheard voice, raise awareness about injustice, and tell inspiring stories about those overcoming it. 

She began her career in Los Angeles, where she worked as a director and edito on TV/Film/Digital content with NBC, Disney, Freeform, among others. After many years, she found herself wishing her video work could involve more meaningful stories, content that actually could impact audiences and change lives — hence her decision to move East and launch her own production company. 

Now bringing her Hollywood experience to the non-profit and NGO world, Abigail loves finding creative and engaging ways to tell essential stories, using audio and video to inform and motivate. In between work and travels, she enjoys reading (especially ancient) history books, wandering around Brooklyn on the hunt for bagels and coffee, and practicing Krav Maga. 

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