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Maria (Masha) Liberman

Maria Liberman is a Los Angeles-based futurist, entrepreneur, investor, and a mom of two.

Pathfinding futurist, data scientist, business leader, advocate for women’s rights and freedom of the press, Maria Liberman has dedicated her life to promoting individual freedom from politically violence governments. 

In 2007, with her partners, Liberman started a VC firm focused on hi-tech which was named top-3 in Russia. Earlier, she founded a nonprofit to document Russian-Jewish history during the 1917 Russian revolution, which put her in the position of advising the most elite Russian philanthropists. 

She gained notoriety among Putin’s government after developing revolutionary technology that slashed the production time of a weekly animation satire so that it could make political commentary in real time, often skewering the Kremlin, and became an emblem of the loosening Medvedev years. The company she and her siblings launched that produced this show, Fastoon, won awards and fame before being canceled by censors after becoming a mainstay of pop culture. 

Liberman’s mission as a futurist, to create pathways for economic freedom for individuals as an alternative to politically violent regimes, is informed by her childhood as the daughter of molecular biophysics whose brilliants was harnessed by the regime to advance warfighting, and then fell into abject food poverty after the Soviet Union collapsed. Through their experiments, they created the basis for a new field in quantum biology which indicates that cells are capable of infinite computations to adapt and survive. Liberman’s work is rooted in a mission to advance her parents’ theory, and philosophy, through the practical creation of financial and other models that promote humans’ ability to adapt, survive, collaborate, and build an abundant and free society where different opinions peacefully coexist. 

Liberman and her siblings, her partners in many of her endeavors, were recruited to Los Angeles at the height of the new tech wave in the mid 10’s. She co-founded Frank Money Inc., a platform of radical financial transparency and launched a million dollar initiative with social non-profit Hack Club, to demonstrate the power of financial transparency in a venture that addresses inequality by teaching programming to girls and boys in underserved school districts. 

In 2016, Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, acquired the company that Liberman and her sibling partners founded, Kernel AR, because of their dominance in technology innovation and digital avatars in Augmented Reality. Liberman’s contributions at Snap are credited with reaccelerating growth and success of the company after a massive devaluation that occurred as a result of mobile performance issues.

Liberman is CEO of Humanism Co, the first pioneering VC firm that offers equity investments into an individuals’ future financial output. Following this model, she co-launched Libermans Co., a holding company for everything of value that she and her siblings produce over the next 30 years. Liberman is also the Chief Business Officer for Product Science, a service that maximizes mobile applications performance. She recently led the company through a Series A funding round that resulted in a USD 18mln raise.

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