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The Fuller Project Receives Multi-Year Grant From The Schmidt Family Foundation to Expand Coverage on Issues That Affect Women and Whole Societies

December 6, 2021

The Fuller Project, the global nonprofit newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking journalism about women, has been awarded a multi-year grant by The Schmidt Family Foundation to further our mission to disrupt bias, redefine traditional news and spur gender equality through investigative and enterprise journalism that fully represents all women.

“The Fuller Project thanks The Schmidt Family Foundation for their generous award of general operating support to fuel our journalism and local newsroom partnerships,” said Xanthe Scharff, co-founder and CEO of The Fuller Project. “The grant funding allows us to meaningfully advance key pillars of our strategic plan, including our global environment and climate reporting centered on women’s lived experiences.” 

This grant will strengthen The Fuller Project’s capacity to report on the myriad issues that intersect with gender, from health to immigration — issues also deeply impacted by the environment, where a critical gender gap in reporting remains. Witnessing the influence of climate change and finding solutions that make a difference require bringing women’s voices front and center through deeply sourced newsgathering and vivid storytelling. 

The Fuller Project was founded to address the systematic underrepresentation of women in the news. The barriers and harms that women face are often considered tangential – instead of central to the security, economic, legal, environmental and other issues societies face each day. We know firsthand how investing in good journalism centered on women’s diverse lived experiences, in partnership with local newsrooms around the world, can save lives, expose injustice and illuminate solutions. 

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