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From climate change navigation to the legacy of Black cowgirls, Black storytelling honors Juneteenth

For Juneteenth, we’re sharing some of our favorite coverage of Black women.

The Supreme Court Upholds Access to Mifepristone Amid Ongoing Abortion Rights Battle

The Supreme Court has ruled to maintain access to the essential abortion medication mifepristone, amidst ongoing legal challenges that could impact women in restrictive states.

Claudia Sheinbaum has already made history — there will be pressure on her to make more

Claudia Sheinbaum risks being held to different standards than her male predecessors — especially when it comes to tackling cartel violence.

From drought to floods: Climate crisis after crisis keeps women on edge in East Africa

Unprecedented flooding has killed more than 500 people — disproportionately harming women, who are preparing for droughts to follow

How the latest abortion case in front of SCOTUS worries maternity-care advocates

In the latest abortion case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Idaho argues to overturn decades-old emergency law that treats millions of pregnant patients every year.

East Africa’s second-hand clothes markets – a major source of work for women – are under threat

How Uganda used clothes (Mitumba) traders are struggling to survive under the weight of changing domestic and foreign policies.

Why is the female veteran suicide rate spiking? Could it be AI?

A government algorithm designed to prevent suicide among U.S. military veterans prioritizes white men and ignores survivors of sexual violence.

Artificial Intelligence: Veteran Suicide Prevention Algorithm Favors White Men

An artificial intelligence (AI) program designed to prevent suicide among U.S. military veterans prioritizes white men and ignores survivors of sexual violence, which affects a far greater percentage of women, an investigation by The Fuller…

Guttmacher study reckons with damage done by Trump-era restrictions on women in Ethiopia, Uganda

Donald Trump’s restrictions tied to health aid have had repercussions far beyond abortion, says a new study by the Guttmacher Institute.

Reporter’s Notebook: ‘Incredibly unjust’ — How medical research feeds a vicious cycle of inequality

The latest Alzheimer’s breakthrough largely excluded Black women, who are most disproportionately impacted by the devastating disease.

‘My community is still dying’ — How the dearth of Black women in clinical research worsens health disparities

By 2020, there was one Black woman for every 10 white women in FDA-approved drug trials.

Reporter’s Notebook: How heat impacts fashion’s global workers

From floods to rising temperatures, workers in fast fashion’s global supply chain are on the frontlines of climate change

Fast fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Its global workforce is paying the price.

Around the world, fashion’s mostly female labor force are grappling with working conditions made increasingly unbearable and unhealthy by climate change.

How abortion restrictions compare, state-by-state

Access to abortion in the U.S. depends on where you live. Increasingly, the South and Midwest are becoming complete abortion deserts. Our interactive map highlights six major restrictions in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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As the Taliban step up restrictions, women face a total ban from working in the media industry

Once a thriving presence on air, Afghan women are now at risk of being banned entirely from working in media after latest Taliban warning.

Online images are making gender bias worse, research shows

Pictures stick in our minds. But men dominate online images of various professionals, amplifying stereotypes against women.

 Tea companies have agreed to slow mechanization after Kenya protests – but for how long?

As automation hits women’s jobs, unions in Kenya fight back.

New federal report calls out clinical trials for excluding pregnant women

A new report from the influential National Academies of Sciences pushes back on the unspoken rule in medical research that pregnant and breastfeeding women are too vulnerable and risky to include in clinical trials.
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