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Two U.S. states crack down on cash apps that trap women in debt

Maryland and Connecticut regulate high cost cash advances.

How abortion restrictions compare, state-by-state

Access to abortion in the U.S. depends on where you live. Increasingly, the South and Midwest are becoming complete abortion deserts. Our interactive map highlights six major restrictions in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Related: How a network of college students is preparing for post-Roe campuses

‘We want accountability’ – As femicide deaths surge, Kenyan women demand an end to violence

After thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest the spike in gender-based murder, calls to protect women grow.

Author Cat Bohannon on post-Roe America, asteroids and the medical “male norm”

“Eve” flips the narrative of evolution by spotlighting how the female body drove human biology.

 Reporter’s Notebook: From bombings to blackouts — why the story of Gaza’s war widows was a reporting challenge like no other

Our reporters talk about the unique challenges they faced to tell the stories of Gaza’s war widows.

‘A wake-up call’: After alleged metaverse rape, calls to protect women and girls grow 

Sexual assault and harassment are largely unregulated in virtual reality, despite rising reports of psychological harm caused by rape in the metaverse.

‘We have no hope’: What Pakistan’s expulsion of Afghan refugees means for women

With nearly 400,000 Afghans forced to leave Pakistan in recent months, women and girls who return to their homeland face serious threat.

Gaza’s Widows Are Fighting for Their Families’ Lives

Women in Gaza ‘have to find ways to survive’ as the humanitarian crisis grows.

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