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Reporter’s Notebook: ‘Incredibly unjust’ — How medical research feeds a vicious cycle of inequality

This Trans Day of Visibility, trans journalists push for better coverage of their communities

 Reporter’s Notebook: From bombings to blackouts — why the story of Gaza’s war widows was a reporting challenge like no other

African fashion is booming. It could create millions of jobs for women.

Dozens of American servicewomen have died after suffering sexual harassment or abuse. A new series from The War Horse asks why

Reporter’s Notebook: As suicides rise in Afghanistan, getting people to open up under the Taliban poses enormous challenges

A veteran legal researcher wants us to re-imagine how courts treat domestic violence cases

Women protesters in Afghanistan call for aid groups to serve Taliban an ultimatum

In Afghanistan, threatening the very survival of women

Looking away from Russian corruption led to Ukraine war, says one of Putin’s leading adversaries

Women under pressure as finance sector makes push into remittances

For the first time in decades, there are no women on China’s top leadership team

India’s top court has expanded abortion rights for unmarried women. We spoke to the lawyer who fought for the change.

What it takes to tell Afghan women’s stories

Forced back into the burqa, Afghan women speak out

“Afghanistan is hell for queer and trans people”

Eighteen months in, Myanmar’s garment workers face widespread abuse under military rule

In Conversation: Journalist Zahra Joya and Scholar/Activist Esha Momeni on the struggle for women’s rights in Afghanistan, Iran and beyond

Why climate change means women are having to work harder and longer

Reporter’s Notebook: How heat impacts fashion’s global workers

Online images are making gender bias worse, research shows

 Tea companies have agreed to slow mechanization after Kenya protests – but for how long?

Reporter’s Notebook: Debt, hysterectomies and child marriage — what working in the sugar-cane industry means for Indian women

‘We want accountability’ – As femicide deaths surge, Kenyan women demand an end to violence

Author Cat Bohannon on post-Roe America, asteroids and the medical “male norm”

‘A wake-up call’: After alleged metaverse rape, calls to protect women and girls grow 

‘We have no hope’: What Pakistan’s expulsion of Afghan refugees means for women

Ukraine’s domestic violence survivors are battling for justice

COP28: How climate change hits women and the world of work

Reporter’s Notebook: Kenya’s tea sector is automating fast, pushing women workers into a financial crisis.

As heat waves intensify, evidence that older women are hit hardest is growing. Now some are fighting back.

Soccer’s fight for workers’ rights

Debt ceiling deal leaves older women at risk of losing benefits

A decade after Rana Plaza’s collapse, factories are safer but women garment workers face new threats

“Lessons learned” for Peru’s feminists as chaos engulfs Boluarte rule

Afghan women tell us how their lives have changed

Nigerian elections: Africa’s giant is leaving half its population behind

A rare instance of accountability

Domestic violence survivors facing long court delays

Women left out of 9/11 benefits finally eligible for health care, compensation

Decade of advocacy fails to reduce global femicides

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