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‘This War Made Him a Monster.’ Ukrainian Women Fear the Return of Their Partners

As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, experts are warning that immediate action is needed to address rising domestic violence.

Looking away from Russian corruption led to Ukraine war, says one of Putin’s leading adversaries

Maria Pevchikh, Chief Investigator at the Anti-Corruption Foundation on the fight to expose the people who poisoned their founder Alexei Navalny and challenging some of the most powerful men in Russia.

The Ukrainian women farmers fighting to keep the world fed

Meet the Ukrainian women on the front lines of Russia’s hunger war.

Pregnant Ukrainian refugees struggle to get abortion care

“I can’t keep this baby, it reminds me all the time of what I’ve been through,” said one who called a hotline in Poland.

Ukrainian Women on the Front Lines but Not in the Headlines

Ukrainian women are at the center of the war—but too often at the margins of public imagination.

Surrogacy Is Complicated—Then Add a Global Pandemic

At 37 weeks pregnant, Arina* doesn’t leave her Kiev apartment often. The pandemic ricocheting around the globe means the 28-year-old surrogate can’t ride the now-closed subway or tram to the city center. To pass the…

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