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Tanvi Misra

‘We Have to Survive’: Meet NYC Immigrant Women Fighting for Their Communities During the Pandemic

In the absence of comprehensive governmental safety nets, New York women banded together, adapted their skill sets, organized aid and fought for policy changes. What’s next for them?

Words for Her: Indians in America Pay Tribute to Those Affected by COVID

Those in the U.S. with ties to India are reckoning with uncertainty and fear for themselves, those immediately around them, and loved ones across the world.

From the archives: Her case set the precedent for the Trump administration. Now she’s been granted asylum

On June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court has cleared the way for Biden to end Trump’s "Remain in Mexico" policy. Nearly a year ago, we wrote about how an asylum case became a vehicle to first deny—and then expand—protections for migrants fleeing gender-based violence.

From the archives: US citizen newborns sent to Mexico under Trump-era border ban

Next week, a federal judge could decide whether to block the Biden administration from rescinding Title 42, the Trump-era health order that swiftly sent all migrants to Mexico. As we reported last year, this same health order resulted in at least 11 migrant women being dropped off in Mexico days after giving birth to U.S. citizen babies—without the chance to collect their children’s birth certificates.

‘Binary’ Choice for Detained Mothers During COVID: Family Separation or Indefinite Detention

Parents detained at an immigration center in Texas face what advocates call a “binary” choice: let the children be released alone or remain detained together and bear the threat of catching a deadly disease.

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