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The Fuller Project and Reckon, the Alabama-based newsroom dedicated to deep exploration of the tough and important issues facing the American South, are partnering to cover women’s issues, lives and perspectives in the region. Our reporting is centered on the stories and viewpoints of those who are too often missing from current conversations, bringing historical and systemic context to bear on today’s news.

The Fuller Project and Reckon share a sense of urgency for shining light when our public institutions don’t live up to their promises to create democracy that is accessible to everyone.  This important partnership is the result of deep listening over the past few years, and couldn’t happen at a more crucial time. Reckon and The Fuller Project have always known the power of collaboration, which is why this long-term partnership is the critical next step in our impact and accountability journalism.” – Ryan Nave, Editor-in-Chief, Reckon 

An illustration of a pregnant person holding a candle

Why deaths by suicide often go uncounted in states’ maternal mortality studies

The U.S. maternal mortality rate in 2020 reached a high never before seen since tracking began. But most states aren’t counting suicides and overdoses as a part of their formal pregnancy-related death review, which means the maternal mortality rate could be even higher.

A photo with a person's silhouette looking at a laptop

The South’s abortion battle has a new front: telemedicine

A new bill making its way through the Georgia statehouse would criminalize access to abortion pills by telemedicine — a common, safe, easy way to end early pregnancies that the federal government first allowed last year.

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A photo of a nurse putting on a hazmat suit

‘Every shift, we’re just barely making it’: What nurses want us to know about the South’s COVID crisis

The pandemic didn’t create the nursing plight in the South, but burnout and low pay have made it worse.

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photo of a woman standing next to a building with another person walking past

It’s not just Texas and Mississippi: Abortion access is in jeopardy across the Deep South

As all eyes turn to the landmark case before the Supreme Court, advocates in the South say they’ve been sounding the alarm on access for years.

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